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Logo Rotator 0.1 Beta 1

Started by DoctorMalboro, December 12, 2010, 06:00:21 PM

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It installed using the emulator. Set for 2.0 RC5.
Read my yesterday post.
No errors were shown on installation.


Does anyone know what I need to do?
Is anyone going to help me with this?
I am at a loss!


What's the problem? Did you enable it and enter some image links in the control panel?


The answer is yes!
From my earlier post:
Quote"OK done that, looks like it is installed on emulate 2.0 RC5
When I re set the emulate to 2.0.10 the LogoRotator Mod on "Browse packages"  doesnt indicate either instal/uninstal in the column but it does have a green dot!If I leave the emulate as 2.0 RC5 it appears to work on the home (/index.php) page (but only the Home page) , when I switch emulate back reset to latest version of SMF the Logo Mod doesn't work and only my original main banner is on the home page.

I have edited the index.css file for full width banner as on this thread.

The Parse for 2.0.10 says:
"Sorry, but this modification does not appear to be compatible with the selected version."
Yes I have been around a long time but I am still learning this and its getting harder!
Any ideas?


I would really like to be able to use this Mod on my forum.
If it could work it would do exactly what I want it to do.
I have a random banner picture on my wrodpress blog and it is great.

Previous posts imply it works on 2.0.10 but it doesn't.
It won't even tell you where to change the errors and what to change it too.
And the Mod designer is nowhere!


Can someone please help me with this or is it a lost cause?
Good idea for a Mod pity it doesn't work on the latest 2.0.10


Changing the emulation after a mod is installed will have absolutely ZERO effect on the mod's behavior...   the emulation is purely in the Package Manager to allow mods for other versions to bypass the version/lock...
(and yes, once you revert to the installed version, the uninstall link will disappear...  that does not mean anything regarding the ACTUAL installation status of the mod)

1- the mod installed with no errors in any files?
2- the mod was applied to ALL THEMES?


Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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I did not apply the Mod to all themes.
I only use the Default theme with css edits to change colours.
It installs with no errors notified.


Can you confirm the mod made file changes to {themedir}/index.template.php  and Sources/ManageSettings.php, and that you enabled the option and provided at least one image?


I have just checked the index.template.php in themes dircetory.  I have attached it to this post.
I have found this:
   global $context, $settings, $options, $scripturl, $txt, $modSettings;

   echo !empty($settings['forum_width']) ? '
<div id="wrapper" style="width: ' . $settings['forum_width'] . '">' : '', '
   <div id="header"><div class="frame">
      <div id="top_section">';
  // We activate this and put the images...
if(!empty($modSettings['enable_logo_rotator']) && !empty($modSettings['logo_img']))

$image_random = explode(',',$modSettings['logo_img']);
$randomize = rand(0,count($image_random) -1);

$logo_final = $image_random[$randomize];

//now, show me the magic!
echo' <h1 class="forumtitle">
<a href="', $scripturl, '"><img src="'.$logo_final.'" alt="' . $context['forum_name'] . '" /></a>
} else {
// no magic? oh, ok...
echo' <h1 class="forumtitle">
<a href="', $scripturl, '">', empty($context['header_logo_url_html_safe']) ? $context['forum_name'] : '<img src="' . $context['header_logo_url_html_safe'] . '" alt="' . $context['forum_name'] . '" />', '</a>

// the upshrink image, right-floated

So its looks like it is there>

Yes there are six images all with a comma in between as:-

By enable to option I assume you mean:
Modifications Settings > Miscellaneous >
Enable Logo rotator.   Tick in the box.
Logo Images. > Please, separate images with a coma (,).

The images displayed are on the Home page only, no where else.
Have a look I will leave it switched on for a hour or so.


Quote from: topman
Yes there are six images all with a comma in between as:-
Where are those images hosted?

Sounds like you've placed them in your forum root folder.

Quote from: DoctorMalboro on December 12, 2010, 06:00:21 PM


Thanks shambles.

For everyone else this is what I needed to do.,,,,,,

add the full URL of where the images are, in my case the forum route.


Quote from: topman

Hmmm... that exclamation usually means you've suddenly solved a problem by yourself, lol :P

Glad you got it sorted.


Hi Shambles we all know it was YOU that found it not me!

Check it out!  I've got seven images up now.
takes time to size and title but definitely better than before with just one.
Not sure if page is taking longer to load now though.


Me again!
I was having a problem with no picture being displayed, I thought just on some pages.
Then I thought that the image file I listed was not on my sever.
Then after checking they all were, I noticed that I had a "," after the last image reference.
This made it think there was another image file but there wasn't.
I deleted it and now it all works peachy!

to this:

Hope this helps others with this great Mod.


Tried Emulator set to 2.0 to install in 2.0.14. Got error message saying mod not compatible with this SMF version.

Looks like a great mod and perfect for what I wanted to do. Anyone able to get this mod working on 2.014 please let me know how.


Tried Emulator set to 2.0 to install in 2.0.14.

Try setting it to "2.0 RC5"  (without the quotes)


I had a member create about 520 logos showing different pictures with each logo. I change the logo on occassion but I like the thought of using the logo rotator. All of theses images are in one on the main gallery directories (;cat=8). Is there a way to use this mod to rotate the images in this gallery directory?