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December 08, 2021, 01:56:36 AM


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[4878] BBC Formatting Issues

Started by Skhilled, December 19, 2010, 04:19:21 AM

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December 19, 2010, 04:19:21 AM Last Edit: November 14, 2011, 09:14:29 AM by emanuele
I've searched around but could not find this anywhere. However, this is similar to a bug I've posted a few versions ago when SMF was using this style of editor.

SMF Version: 2.0 RC4
Browser: FF 3.6.13

The issue occurs when creating a post. If you highlight part of a post and only do it with text on the same line it works fine. But if you highlight more than one line or even move the cursor above that line or below it (even if it is an empty line) EVERYTHING below it will get that formatting as well...no matter how many lines are below it.

For instance, if I highlight the "For instance" part in this line and change it to red, it will be the only thing in red text...if i highlight that text exactly. However, if I highlight from right to left and extend the cursor to the blank line above it, it will make everything else in this post red. Same goes if you go below it to a blank line.

There are also issues with copying and pasting from other sources such as Google Docs where the bbc codes will actually show in the post UNLESS you paste it and then remove the formatting before actually making the post.

The way around this is to preview the post before posting it and then you'll be able to see what will be posted. You can then remove all formatting and add your own, etc. but it is not very productive.

I have not tried this with just copying others posts on the same site. However, there are some instances where an extra spaces will be inserted into the pasted text.

If also found issues with url links where anything after it on the same line will be made part of the link even if a space is between the url and the text after it. I'll have to try and recreate that so i can tell you exactly how to recreate it.


I'm guessing you're using the WYSIWYG editor?
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Sorry for the wait but yes I am.


I can't replicate any more the issue described in the report, but I found another one.

Line 1 with text
Line 2 with other text

* WYSIWYG enabled
* select "Line 1 with" and the empty line above
* apply any kind of formatting
* a new line is added after "with" resulting in the following bbcode:
Line 1 with[/b]
Line 2 with other text

* emanuele is using Opera 11.01

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