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Radio for smf

Started by Mr.FixIT, February 05, 2013, 03:51:40 AM

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Black Tiger

I implemented my own idea like I really wanted it, with a link and a seperate little window that opens so my users can hear their favorite radio without the need of having the forums open.
Next to that, I implemented kind of your idea to create a page with a lot of radio, embedded in the forum's CMS.

I also got some great help from Chen Zen on Simpleportal who wrote a great piece of code in html5 which can be used via a pulldown and creates a seperate window from the pulldown too. I'm sure some peope here can use that to their benefit too.

A friend of mine still does internet radio which also gone via cable, and their station now even got a real "air" broadcast license.
They only thing I'm wondering is if the default black VLC screen (or mediaplayer screen when using IE) can be replace by some jpg of your own. Do you have any clue about that? Or isn't that possible?
At the moment we use that extra little separate window with a pull down selection for at the moment 4 different ration stations, so users can even change station via that option when listening.
Greetings, Black Tiger

Jade Elizabeth

Nah we asked people to use Winamp for our radio. Good on you for getting it working :).
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