April Fools Pranks

Started by ishy, March 23, 2011, 09:10:28 AM

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Quote from: Sabrinova on April 01, 2012, 07:06:42 AM
I did the censored word thing, but no-one has noticed yet  :(  Unless they're keeping quiet just to wind me up....

It's been noticed - one of my members copied one of her posts on our forum to post elsewhere, with hilarious results!!  :laugh: :laugh:


My site has gone through so many changes in the past few years...my limited number of users grows thinner every day.  I'm trying to build the member base back up to a respectable number of people...and this will take time.

However...being that today is April Fool's day...I just couldn't help myself...

I posted in our News and Announcements forum (just a few minutes ago) that I will be changing forum software...once again...back to vBulletin.

What few members I do have will probably jump ship for good...this time.  I wouldn't blame them...but, I sure hope they get the joke after all is said and done.

Wish me luck!


Thanks...in addition...I added the fake user's mod.  This should get some attention, huh?


I used the newsletter function to issue a member-wide warn about posting offensive material. 

QuoteDear XXX,

You have received a warning for posting offensive material on the boards. Please cease these activities and abide by the forum rules otherwise we will take further action.  Another offense will remove your ability to post on the boards. 

The XXXXXX Team.

I've gotten so many "what did I do?" messages back I had to install a PM auto responder mod that explains the joke.   This, of course, in addition to censored word edits and a theme change.


AdBlock for Chrome changed ads into kitties today :D

For me, I might think of an easter egg in one of my mods. Maybe my last FancyPosts mod, where it changes all the button names of menu's created :P
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being as MKA is a local area forum I mentioned the Town was to get its own currency.


Man, they're upset about the censored word one... LOL


Second week of March, and time again to think about this year's prank. I'm tempted to do the upside-down one this year. Also contemplating changing everyone's display name and avatar to a pop star. Really bubblegummy ones like Justin Beiber.

I changed all the avatars to My Little Ponies last year, and also added the word censor to put in MLP words and neighs. They thought the avatars were funny, and some of them still have them, but they weren't too amused by the word censor.

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Quote from: ishy on March 23, 2011, 09:10:28 AM
Normally I run some type of April Fool's prank on my site, but after 5 years, I'm running out of ideas. The one that has worked best for me was to change everyone's avatars to something that either I know is opposite them or that I know they would just find really funny. Like my co-admin who hates anything pink and sparkly got a pink sparkly unicorn avatar (nearly gave her a Twilight Edward sparkly avatar, but she knows where I live). None of them come here, so I knew it would be safe to start a discussion here for some ideas, and maybe others will get some ideas, too.

Anybody have ideas for April Fool's pranks?

I usually make a topic saying something like "Its been a good run but due to personal issues, [forum name] is closing down" and then in the body I put "April Fools!" and I will get a herd of responses including LOLs, that wasn't funny's and so on.


We're changing as many game pages on my website to be recipes related to that game (Pacman cookies, etc.) with images to accompany, for one thing. We also have a button that tries to run away when the cursor gets near it. We're currently writing a script to make it so that some users seem like they've been promoted to admins, but when they try to access the admin panel it'll do something like Rick Roll them.

Finally, the cruelest one of all, is that after a random amount of time (anywhere between 5 minutes and 6 hours), Slenderman will appear on the screen, with the audio and noise effect. Oh, the wonders of JavaScript and HTML5! Let's just hope no-one gets a heart-attack and we get a lawsuit on our hands...

It's a shame the site is only in beta, but we have a handful of a couple of hundred active people to mess with.


I think we'll mess-around with the word censor, again. Probably just replace the word "I" with something like "Wobble-bottom".


Please K@, please make a list of as many words like "wobble-bottom" as you can :')


The only words like 'wobble-bottom' are 'wobble-bottom' and 'wibble-bottom'. Everything else isn't really like it.




I love it when these topics get all intellectual...

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I though about this year joining a certain person's forum and acting like a certain person in which he despises but I already mentioned wanting to do it so now the plan is flawed *evil grin*


And you think I wouldn't notice? ;)


 :D Great. Looking forward to applying a good dose of censored words fun.
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