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Started by JayBachatero, July 17, 2006, 12:56:59 PM

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This mod works with 1.1.4.
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So is this still in development ?
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absolutly love this mod, however is ther anyway of getting this thing in the header area of the forum. when i installed it i didnt think anything had hapened i spent half an hour looking for it because its right down at the bottom of the forum in the footer. im the admin and if it took me half hour to spot it what hope do visiters have. i realy want this in the header area "HELP"

By the way im running V1.1.6


I ran into a problem after installing it on my forum. I'm working default in Dutch.
I installed the code in the index.template so it would appear in the menubar.
Doing this I constantly got errormessages. Reason was it didn't install in the translationmodification.
With the help of Kays I came to this conclusion.

The thing I had to do was;
open themes/default/languages/modifications.dutch.php and enter

//Babelfish translate.
$txt['select_language'] = 'selecteer van en naar andere taal';
$txt['translate'] = 'vertaal';

now everything works great.
The only thing is, I'm still looking for the fact that if you translate you can't login on the forum.
You only can read as a quest and nothing else.
Anybody knows of this problem solved?



Installed this mod today

error on     //Show the babelfish translate babelfishTranslate();  default index.template

my theme is blackrainv2 RC3 and i have about 200 mods installed. I expected the error but most
of the time I don't have a problem finding the correct place to make the change.

I put it before     // If the user is logged in, display stuff like their name, new messages, etc.

and tried putting it other places as well

but i don't see any button or drop down menu.

any idea's



sorry my bad. edit need to be like this

    //Show the babelfish translate

but it don't change the forum to read in a different language just
opens a new translation window

expected something much different but I will keep the mod installed
just as an added extra