Am looking for someone who can help make board visible to searches, will pay !

Started by 1lcasebriefs, May 02, 2011, 10:58:34 PM

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I am looking for someone experienced with simple machines and in web sites in general to help make my forum posts accessible to search engines. I am not skilled at all, and would very much appreciate anyone who is willing to help out. My site is a law school case brief database which is the site I want to get listed on google or yahoo. For example, I have many briefed law cases, and if someone searches the name of the case they can get the listing in search. Thanks for your help in advance.



Please message me if you can help

Sir Osis of Liver

This may be helpful -

If you poke around and, you'll find a place to submit your website for indexing.

You can also search 'search engine meta', and find info about using keywords in meta tags on your site.

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To accomplish this, just be sure to make your boards accessible to guests.