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I want to uninstall this mod and I get these following errors

   Execute Modification   ./Themes/default/languages/Modifications.english.php   Test successful
2.   Execute Modification   ./Themes/default/languages/Modifications.english-utf8.php   Skipping file
   3.   Execute Modification   ./Themes/default/languages/Who.english.php   Test successful
   4.   Execute Modification   ./index.php   Test successful
   5.   Execute Modification   ./Sources/Admin.php   Test failed
   1.   Replace   ./Sources/Admin.php   Test failed
   6.   Execute Modification   ./Sources/Subs.php   Test failed
   1.   Replace   ./Sources/Subs.php   Test failed
   2.   Replace   ./Sources/Subs.php   Test failed
   7.   Execute Modification   ./Sources/ManagePermissions.php   Test failed
   1.   Replace   ./Sources/ManagePermissions.php   Test failed
   2.   Replace   ./Sources/ManagePermissions.php   Test failed
8.   Execute Code   UnInstall.php

;D This is not a bug report as such. Bug reports are for faults in the actual SMF software installation. What you have is a mod conflict, which is caused by having installed two or more mods that edit the same area of the same files. This means the uninstall script gets bamboozled and decides to sulk.

Start by telling us which version of SMF you are using, and also please give us a list of all mods installed.

Ok, I'm going to move this to the SMF 2.0 support board in a few minutes since it doesn't really belong here.

To fix this you are going to need to know how to use FTP to load edited files into your server. If you don't know how to use FTP read this: How do I use FTP? / What is FTP?

I'm assuming you're not big on editing code yourself. If you have a basic grasp of it then you can get the manual uninstall instructions from the parse button on the mod's download page:

If you need someone to do it for you, you may have to wait a bit. I'll do it if my net hangs in, but I'm on a sat link with crappy weather tonight, so my connection is pretty patchy right now.

Post here for help

Also see Manual Installation of Mods

Download copies of the three files that failed and attach them to a post.


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