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Started by Stygian, January 20, 2010, 10:43:54 PM

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Link to the theme

After seeing a few Star Trek themes that all avoided actually making an LCARS style, I decided to give it a shot. 

This theme contains two versions.  One is a classic LCARS color style, the second is a custom color scheme in more Blue tones.  There is a style select at the top to easily switch between the two.  Different links, mouse overs and images will blink to add to the LCARS feel.  A Ranks folder has also been included in images for use with member groups.  Included Rank images are: Captain (shown under "Additional Screenshots"),Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Junior Grader and Ensign.

The extras.rar contains all PSDs for the theme, a Star Trek favicon.ico and the LCARS font (Swiss 911).  To use the font, follow the instructions at the top of the CSS files for the theme.  (Note: If you use the font, your members will have to have it on their computer for the site to be viewed properly.)  The rar also contains an alternate version of bglcars_classic.png that is flat colors with no shadowing for more authenticity.  To use it, simply move it to the images folder.  It also has a folder for TinyPortal images for those who use that mod.

Demo here [nofollow]

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This is really cool, exactly what I have been looking for...

this does not exist for 2RC2.0?


I haven't tested it out in 2 yet.  Pretty sure some things would break.  I can try making one for you though. 


i cant stand star trek but its a real nice looking theme

but there is an issue with the width of the theme - on screen resolutions under about 1300px you have to scroll across to see the theme properly (on resolutions 1080px nearly half the theme hangs off the side the screen)


Awesome theme! Something that is very different from the normal themes that are submitted here.
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Thank you for the comments.  The theme is wide and the fixed width I know has issues with smaller resolutions.  However, it could be customized to have the lcars bar on the right if needed.  I have been working on other versions of this, I will try to add in an option to flip it so it is easier to view on smaller resolutions.


that would probly be welcomed by people and could help make, what is a real nice looking theme, more popular and as vbgamer said its good to see some different styling to the norm


I've added the correct images.  However, having trouble uploading the new zip atm.   So here it is as an attachment for now.  This is the same theme just with the bglcars-right.png and bglcars_classic-right.png added.  To use just replace the other bglcars images.



Working on finishing up the image and CSS changes needed for the right side LCARS.  Pretty much done, just a small bit of dialing in.  If you want to do this before I get finished, simply change the left flag in the body of the CSS.

        background: #000 url(../images/bglcars_classic.png) no-repeat;
        margin-left: -145px;
        margin-top: 0px;

Also change the Z-index for the logo section.

#logo {
         position: absolute;
         top: -5px;
         bottom: 10px;
         left: 88px;
         display: block;
         width: 536px;
         height: 200px;
         cursor: pointer;
         background: url(../images/logo.png);
         z-index: 100;

It should be at 1000 now.  Change it to 100.

That would fix it up.  After that, until I get it finished, simply use the PSD to move the images to match.  Should be up by the end of the week.



This wasn't in response to your post.  The size of things will not be changing.  This was for the people who wanted the LCARS on the right.


the theme is nice but too large for me thank you.


If you want a new lcars without a left image ;)


Hey I got this theme, but none of the images seem to work, and the theme is not showing up real well. Can ya email me and give me a hand perchance?


WoW... Good attempt.

But, it's really, really WIIIIIIIDE! Even at 1440x900.

By the way, the logins on for the demo are toast. :(


Sorry to bump this, but has any progress come to it?


What progress are were you looking for?