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SMF Version field?

Started by hcfwesker, January 31, 2012, 10:59:49 PM

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I searched and either I missed it, or I'm shocked it hasn't been suggested before.  I know how strict the site is with keeping smf support as close to the default install as possible, but since Custom Profile Fields is an installed feature, why not add a custom profile field for members to add their SMF Version, plus allowing it to be added when registering. 

Of course I understand the setback to this is "most members either wouldn't use it, or wouldn't update their version in their profile".    But a lot of us would, and it would come in handy with support, in most cases. 

But this is the section for suggestions and don't really see it hurting anything if it were added, so figure I'd take a shot.

<--- right now I'm wasting my Personal Text space to accomplish this :D


At one time the support section was set up so that users had to select their SMF version when posting, and half the time people just chose "Don't know" for the SMF version. It didn't work all that well to be honest. I'm not sure a custom profile field would help either.
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People like me would just forget to update it. :D
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You never time goes on, sometimes things do change. I suppose it could be worth a try again to see if it improved speed of support at all.

But to be honest, I don't think it would.


Don't know your SMF version? I don't know how to help you :D