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October 21, 2021, 08:21:22 PM


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A website using smf is spamming

Started by Avid Gamer, February 05, 2012, 06:39:57 PM

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Avid Gamer

Hi folks, I have evidence of a web site that is spamming me and its using simple machines software  >:(, I enclose a screenshot of my mailbox before opening.

I was sent an email (same content) from 4Th February at 18:24, 18:25, 18:26, 18:27, 18:31, 18:32, 18:33, 18:34 and 18:38. They must have gotten tired after that and picked on somebody else  :'(.

It was you guys, same email 9 times, in the space of 14 minutes. Now that you have done this I am forced to kill you,  scratch the paint on your cars, nuke a small African state and have a hissing fit. This is of course after I've eaten my Pizza  ;D ;D ;D.

Thought I would let you know, I found it amusing though.
Mess with the Best<br /><br /><br />Die like the Rest.


looks like you are watching those mods for edits to their mod page, it does not look like spam.

Avid Gamer

I know its not spam, just a comment on the amount of notifications, it is all light hearted, the mod in question only had one edit judging by the content of each email. As I say it was a bit of humour with a comment., no support required.
Mess with the Best<br /><br /><br />Die like the Rest.


usually when people make a post they want a reply....