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Server maintenance

Started by LiroyvH, October 24, 2011, 04:38:09 PM

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hey where my thanks for pestering you on MSN keeping you sane :P

Seriously though cheers guys we all love ya :)
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Thanks guys, you all did a great job keep on going :P
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Hey guys, just a quick note that we will be performing some final configuration changes to complete this project today, 1/5/2012. We don't expect a lengthy outage, but might have a few minutes here and there of the site being unreachable or sluggish.


Working awesome on my side. Great job team.
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I agree, working great here too. :) Great work and thanks to all involved! :D

Angelina Belle

Things are so much better now than they were in December. I'm hoping that's due to your work protecting us from the incessant  DDOS attacks.
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Joshua Dickerson

It was dschwab9 and CoreISP's new year's resolution to make the servers stable :D Unlike everyone else, you are actually fulfilling that resolution!
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Nice dear all the team of SMF.... Rocks... :laugh:
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