Event calendar?

Started by cokekola, September 22, 2011, 04:16:15 AM

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I am not sure in which topic this question should belong but lets try here.
I have SMF running on my site which is intended to "culture" discussion (in Finnish). There are different topics like "classical music", "literature", "arts" etc.
I would like to make an event calendar also available. Members could themselves add events to the calendar and everyone could browse the calendar. It would be great if it would be possible to "filter" events which are visible. If someone was  interested only in flute concertos he could filter events so that in calendar there would be only flute concertos visible. On the other hand if someone was interested in all music events he could also see all music events in calendar.
It would be awesome if it was possible to add links in event information which would lead to some further information or to arrangers pages.
Does someone happen to know any software which would have this kind of features? I maintain my site as hobby project so I would prefer free solutions.


You don't state which version you use.

For 2.0.1 there is an event reminder mod which I use on my forum.