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Started by The Conspirator, August 14, 2005, 11:15:40 PM

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The Conspirator

This is the first theme I'm releasing.
Can't think of a description. (I'm terrible with descriptions)
Them for 1.0.5 or 1.1 bata

See theme in use


And purple it is.  ;) Nice blending, I like the buttonbar.
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im not fond of it, however, that is only my tastes. It does look very well made. And the way the background blends with the windowbgs, that effect looks hard to produce. Good job.
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I think it is quite nice.

There are some cool effects you did in it.  ;)
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1280*1024 it doesnt work, its all over the place.

The Conspirator

What exactly is wrong with it at that relution?



It's very...purple :).

-Dan The Man


boy! now thats something purple :)

in demo it says done with errors.....i think there is java prob with upshrink

The Conspirator

Damn, I though I fixed that.
I didn't make the images long enough eather, thats an easy fix.


Other that the tile lenth which you're fixing it great, love it conspirator. :)

Very plush. :)


nice theme, I like the way the fades are done :)

The Conspirator

I've fixed the backgrounds and have re-uploaded the theme and purpe!.zip.


i have one suggestion  :)

The blending effect looks really nice, but the "posts/topic" box messes up the effect, because it is using the same color as the first. I reccoment you change that part to be darker, to give it a more "fade-ey" look.
The only thing php can't do is tell you how much milk is left in the fridge.