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Started by Bugo, October 13, 2011, 09:51:33 AM

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Link to the mod

Simple and beautiful jQuery spoiler, with custom title.

Example with default title:
[spoiler] ...your text... [/spoiler]
Example with custom title:
[spoiler="any title"] ...your text... [/spoiler]


Cool! Just install it!  :)


Great! Is there any chance to parse_bbc trough the spoiler name?
Definitely on my must-have mod list :)


there's some problem with the SteamProfile Ajax Mod, after enabling the QuickSpoiler, the steamprofile part dissapear in topic view


Thanks for report. But I can't guarantee compatibility with all existing mods.


Great mod! This is one of the best spoiler mods for SMF that I have ever seen.


Have a question is it possible the mod not to apply to the images in the signatures. 

Many thanks,


Replace "$('body')" with "$('div.post')" in spoiler.js. Or disable "FancyBox plugin" in settings.


QuoteReplace "$('body')" with "$('div.post')" in spoiler.js
When I did that some weird numbers appeared in the signatures on the place of the image in my test forum :-\:

Ok, thit is not a big problem. Maybe I will just disable the FancyBox in the settings. :)

Many thanks,


Or try replace "img" tag with "img2" tag (in Subs-QuickSpoiler.php) to use img2 tag for images within spoilers.


I having same problem with this mod its not displaying images in fancy box
please If anyone can throw any light on this for me It would be much appreciated  :)


After install this mod, my forum has been broken. Im tryint to contact Bugo. :S


Why it just show a black button and not  "Show" text inside it when stuff is on hide and "hide" inside it when stuff is being showed. Bug? Just me?

And always this symbol ":" so if i add text it would be --> text: black button

without text   : black button

Also, when i use spoiler for small things, it still is huge, don't read the size of stuff, so the borders still show the huge size, good thing is transparent, but any way to fix/change the things i said above?

My forum http://blizzforge.com in case you want to see it, in homepage is a good example. Thanks, out of that all is good.


Can I see a full list of installed mods on your forum?


Akismet Spam Blocking
Remember position after login/logout v1.0.3
[user] BBC Tag
Default Avatar
Move Topic Notification
Activity in profile -- Will be uninstalled soon
Advanced Login Form
Code Highlighting
Inline Attackments
PM Readed
Menu_Icons -- Will be uninstalled soon
VB Style Board Index
Board Viewers Mod - Will be uninstalled soon
Downloads System
Adk Blog
Smart Pagination
Quick Spoiler
Join date and Location in Posts
Resize Attached Images
Youtube BBCode
Karma Description Mod
cbi 1.0
Activity_Bar -- Will be uninstalled soon
Ignore Board In New Posts
Member Awards
Slashout Banned Members -- Will be uninstalled soon
RSS Feed Icon
Relative Dates Language Pack -- Will be uninstalled soon

Well, also marked the ones that will be removed soon, just in case one of those are causing trobules.
Thanks for posting, i will be around looking for your answer.


Quick Spoiler adds next code:

<div class="sp-wrap"><div class="sp-head folded clickable"> { Spoiler Title } </div><div title="" class="sp-body"> { Text }</div></div>

But you have this:

<div style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px"><div style="margin-bottom:2px" class="smallfont"><b></b> &nbsp;<i></i>: <input type="button" onclick="if (this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display != '') { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = ''; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;this.innerText = ''; this.value = ''; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.innerText = ''; this.value = ''; }" style="width:60px;font-size:10px;margin:0px;padding:0px;" value="" sourceindex="5"></div><div style="margin: 0px; padding: 6px; border: 1px inset;" class="alt2"><div style="display: none;"> { Text } </div></div></div>

Did you install any other spoilers before?


Yes i did, and removed because it was bad. What can i do to fix it? Also, does yours will read size?


You have to remove all code that added by other spoiler mod. Ask author of spoiler mod about this.


kk, i will see what i can do. Thanks for all the reply's But i still would like to know if it will read size, because no matter what i put inside, there is always this big frame.


You can change width with spoiler.css:

.sp-wrap {float:left; width: 50%}


Hello Bugo and Happy new Year,

Want to report that in the latest version of Quick Spoiler 0.99 the Fancy Box is not working. There is problem in Subs-QuickSpoiler.php. Can't figure out where but on my forum it is not working. I have your first version 0.72 and no problem with the Fancybox in it.  Hope you fix it soon. :)