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[Solved] Captcha not showing on registration

Started by Game.ruler, October 17, 2011, 12:13:45 AM

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Captcha not showing on registration. Am on smf 2.0
Pls help

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Admin -> Security and Moderation -> Anti-Spam -> Require verification on registration page

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^ I know this thing.
As u can see that captcha not showing in admin panel n on registration page What should i do now?

Admin Panel:

Registration Page:


Mods installed?
Forum link?
Errors in error log in ACP?
Github Profile
Android apps

How to enable Post Moderation

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No errors found in error log
My forum version: SMF 2.0
My forum link:

But you wont see image verification on registration page. Coz i've disabled image verification until i get solution.

Mods installed:

Tidy child boards v1.3
Optimus brave v1.6.6
Simple portal v2.3.3
Remove index from title v1.0
Activity in profile v1.1
More spiders v1.2
Show your social network v3.0
Attachments in topic v1.0
PM to new members v1.2
Activity bar v1.0.1.3
Thank o matic v3.0
Bookmarks v2.3
Ultimate profile v0.9.1
Simple ads v1.0.1
Google analytics code v1.4
Remove xhtml, rss, wap2 links in footer v1.1
Share this topic v3.0
Enable or disable 'last edit for admins' v1.4


Check  index.template.php and see if there is any line space or even a space before/after php tags.

Some other things you can try too.

1. Try running file_check.php(attached) and see if there is any line space or even a space before/after php tags. If any file contain spaces, do remove it.

2. Try installing this mod, it might help -


Thanx appliancejunk
Now am using recaptcha mod


You marked in title as "solved" i'm marking it so. On he bottom left of the last post you can change it if it isn't solved.

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Quote from: Game.ruler on October 24, 2011, 12:37:47 AM
Thanx appliancejunk
Now am using recaptcha mod

Your welcome, but did you find the problem and correct it so the default verification image works again?


sometime CAPTCHA makes trouble for lot of users, difficult to read and sometime doesn't appear correctly.
its genuine problem


I will not open a new post as I have a similar problem:

Well if I choose to register with CAPTCHA in my smf 1.1.18 the letters or numbers are not displayed. Second even worst is that im Admin - Registration-  Settings

the menu is not visible completly.

I tried to install reCaptcha but still no menu?!

Any Idea?


Quote from: tomicko on May 02, 2013, 11:49:02 AM
I will not open a new post as I have a similar problem:


It's always better to open another thread even when a similar problem as Game.ruler's prob is now fixed so the thread is marked solved and the folk who can best help you will ignore this thread from now on.. lol
SMF v2.1.3  Mods : Snow & Garland v1.4,  PHP  v.7.4.33