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FlashChat 1.0 problems

Started by aspenangler, January 21, 2012, 02:38:16 PM

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I'm sorry if I have this in the wrong place.

About a week ago I had Fussilet install the FlashChat 1.0 program for me. It seemed to work perfectly initially, but...... the last few days about half of my users say that when they try to access the chat it says they have been banned?

It seems for the users that have been "banned", once they try to get in and type in name and password, it kicks out the login on the
main board as well, and then they have to log in again.

I am not familiar with ftp at all.... that's why I had Fussilet install it for me, but he is not familiar with the chat program and I am stuck. ANY info on how to get this issue resolved would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

I have tried to manually unban them as well with no luck. The crazy thing is that it is only happening to some users so there is no rhyme or reason?????

Matthew K.

I'd suggest contacting Fussilet about it ;)


I have. He said that he has no idea, and that's why I'm here  :)