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Admin showing as guest

Started by angiexx1, November 27, 2011, 02:41:05 PM

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Ok am a bit flumoxed

Am signed in as admin on my forum, have the admin panel everything but am only showing as a guest and dont know why, have logged in and logged out and logged in etc 

this is the site

Have attached a couple of screenshots


Admin>Current theme.

Check "Hide post group titles for grouped members:".

I find it incredibly odd that this isn't a global setting.

As it isn't, you'll need to do that for every theme, I'm afraid. :(


have put a tick in that but its not changed anything at all


what mods do you have installed?


Just a thought...

If you use the SMF default theme, is everything hoopy?


Yup its all the same on all  themes installed so curve and core are the same as the theme am using as just tried


There is only tiny portal installed and the outline theme


Silly question...

You ARE logged in?


Yup have logged in out in out cleared cache tried two different browsers etc
am in the middle of actually editing in tiny portal

here ill show you


Well, the second picture would show you as a guest, until you actually login.

That first one's not showing you as a guest, it's just not showing ANY group.

Is THAT the same, with the default theme?

I just clicked on your profile and that's showing you as Admin.

So, at least we know that it knows what group you're in. :)


Its the same in the core theme and in curve and in outline the theme am using and default if try there
I have never had this happen before ever normally you would go straight into a group when registering so when your the actual admin who set the forum up would think it would sort it automatically
Normally it should show my name afte saying hello

i was just trying to show that with the second i was logged in etc and the differences


I don't have Tiny Portal.

Can it be disabled, to check that it's not that that's doing something weird?


I have no idea if it can be disabled to be honest


With Simple Portal, you can disable it in Admin>Simple Portal>General settings.

Maybe TP's similar?


I cant find a way to do it on tiny portal

just posted a test post and it hasnt got my name on that either
this is really strange


I'm wondering if all the files went up, properly, when you installed.

Have you selected a language?

What I'm suspecting, is that not all the files inside the default theme's "languages" directory went up.

Also, can you go to Admin>Packages>File permissions and check that it's set to "Standard"?

I doubt it's that, but it's worth checking. ;)


where and how would I find out if all the files went in ?

how do you mean selected a language ?


Have a you set a default language for your forum?

Admin... er... languages.

The best way to check would be by using FTP to see if they're there, comparing them to the files in the install archive (Package).


arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now this is something I think should be done auto matically and obviously isnt
and its the blooming display name

it didnt have one for me for some reason now have gone into my profile and done it its fine

i only found out by mooching through the admin panel and going to members and there was none showing in the members list for me

so putting my display name in worked

but i signed up using angie why couldnt it just use that as my display name automatically for heavens sake

Kat thank you for all your help hun  xxx

am going to mark this solved


Glad you figured it out!

Must remember that one, too.

It's bound to crop up, again.

I'll mention this to the developers.:)


Its so worth a mention hun as Im still learning alot of smf but a complete novice to forums and the internet would probably be more lost than me.
I only went to the members list as was checking groups as you had mentioned them and was showing in both admin and newbie so thought would check in members and it was there glaring at me then lol.


Good to see a good ol' English word like "Blooming", I have to say. :)

I've given the devs a nudge and, hopefully, this'll either be fixed, for this version, or changed, for the next one.:)

Seems logical, to me. :)

As you're new to this, burn my sig into your very soul, woncha?



Thanks Kat hopefully they will sort it
Yup its logically to me aswell but then depends how others see logic to

I backup before do any changes both my databases as there is two domains on my one hosting account.
Backups are done weekly if not making any changes or adding mods or back up just before doing any changes

and as for good ole english yup it is good to see


I only ever backup the forum just after I've made changes.

The database is the important thing.

You can always rebuild the actual forum, if anything OMG! happens. You can't rebuild the database, which is where all your members and posts are stored.

DON'T rely on backing up from the SMF admin panel, willya? (It's crap)

Do it from your site's CPanel, or whatever they have. MUCH safer! ;)


I always use cpanel to back up all the databases

There is two at the moment one for smf plus the other domain which has zencart on it that has to be backed up reguarly as it will be my business site when finished