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Custom Greeting

Started by Diego Andrés, September 08, 2008, 03:05:09 AM

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Diego Andrés

I've updated this old relic to SMF 2.1.
Currently no new features, just legacy settings

3.0.1 - 27 December 2021
Use the time function instead of forum_time.

3.0 - 03 October 2021
Mod updated for SMF 2.1.
Removed support for SMF 2.0.x

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Cal O'Shaw


Installed this on 2.1.3 and while it installed correctly, the greetings did not correspond to the time on the forum.  For example, 10pm got a 'Good Morning' message.

The messages did not match either the forum timezone or mine.  What do you use to determine the time?  Almost looks like UTC rather than user offset.


Diego Andrés

Thanks for reporting the issues.
This mod is a bit outdated atm, I will try to update it at some point.

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