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Started by Bugo, January 05, 2012, 11:13:27 PM

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I installed this on and it does not show up anywhere. Any ideas. ??

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Quote from: Arantor on February 23, 2019, 01:04:16 PM
Well, you're stuck on PHP below 5.5 where this syntax became legal.

I guess you could probably rewrite it as:
if (!empty($context['current_topic']) && empty($context['current_action']) && empty($board_info['error']) && strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], ';') === false)

but I wouldn't want to encourage you to stay on a version of PHP with known vulnerabilities.

Going back to this, when I use the code provide, the topic bar doesn't appear. Only if I remove the part

&& strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], ';') === false

Does it show. What's going on?


What URL are you using it with?


And not the ;topicseen version that SMF habitually uses, huh?

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No, nothing with a semi-colon

Is that required?


No, it's just frequently a thing SMF does, which is why that code is even there.


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I leave here also the translation in case someone wants it to the Latin Spanish :D!

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Quote from: Bugo on March 20, 2019, 01:00:22 AM
Try a new version from Github:

Thank you. This one works out of the box without any modifications.

Quick question to the author:

After selecting a star, is it possible for you to activate the "Loading" div that comes stock with SMF? This will show the end-user that their selection has been made.


Yes. Added in the update.

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The one I downloaded or should I download it again? Because it doesn't show when I click a star


PT-BR Translation \o  8)

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I just have installed Topic Rating Bar 1.2 on my SMF 2.1 forum. Installation was succesful, the settings in admin panel are OK, but I don't see rating bar in any topic.

Click =>

I use Tinyportal and some other mods - Socialize, SMF Gallery, Simple Audio Video Embedder, and GDPR Helper.

Forum version: SMF 2.1 RC1 (more detailed)
Current SMF version: SMF 2.1 RC1
GD version: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
MySQLi engine: MySQL
MySQLi version: 5.5.59-cll
PHP: 7.2.14 (more detailed)
Server version: Apache


It's the same for me. Nothing shows on 2.1 I just tried the one from GH


Try to update Class-TopicRatingBar.php, trb_styles.css and TopicRatingBar.template.php from the develop branch:, especially for SMF 2.1 RC1.


I think, there is a collision between Topic Rating Bar and Tinyportal.
I have installed Topic Rating Bar on my other SMF 2.1 test forum and it works fine. After installing of Tinyportal (version 1.6.3), rating bars disappear.
And after uninstalling of Tinyportal, rating bars appear again.


It works now with 2.1. Looks good. :)