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Repair Settings - Value Not Found (After hosting switch)

Started by FireDitto, January 05, 2012, 06:00:20 PM

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I'm running the repair_settings.php file to fix the sites so they can run and everything; The first one I fixed (my test site) went through lovely and without any issues at all.

However, my main sites (naturally) are not running so smoothly and I got the following saying the Value not found!

Queryless URLs
Output Compression
Database driven sessions

Attachment Directory
Avatar URL
Avatar Directory
Smileys URL
Smileys Directory

The 'recommended values' is still present - however, upon saving they revert back to nothing. All the files /appear/ to be listed in the FTP, but that said, I'm not 100% sure what I should look for. Can anyone help?

(The two sites share a database. Could the error be in the database itself?)
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Chas Large

Repair settings picks up what is in the database and underneath each item is a link to what is found on the site. Click the link to update the settings in the database to what is found on the site.

However, as you say "The two sites share a database." is this the forum database? If so then the settings of one site may not reflect the other so changing things might cause problems, especially with paths and functions. Are they both on the same host site?

I've never shared a forum database between two sites, I know it can be done but I think some extra coding is required rather than just pointing the two sites at the same dB. Someone else may chip in who has more knowledge than me.
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Clicking the links is redundant - every time I press "save" it loads the page but doesn't save the information - it loads blank once more. Very frustrating.

Sharing the databases, I used the method shown here which I expect is where the error is. While the repair_settings.php doesn't show anything that immediately links to that, when I try to load the web page itself, I am told that the "Table 'secondpa_sp5.RP_settings' doesn't exist" which is one of the shared tables.

Which, is where I am somewhat confused -- the information in the repair_settings that isn't sticking? Is not shared on the database tables.

Confused? Yes I am! :|
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SMF 2.0.6 with SP 2.3.5


repair_settings is going to touch both Settings.php and the database. It's probably only changing one Settings.php and not the other -- you may have to manually fix up the other Settings.php both before and after running repair_settings. I don't know if this explains the failure to "save" the information, but might have something to do with it.