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Posts disappearing?

Started by Rackie, February 29, 2012, 07:27:07 PM

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I've had issues recently with my forum going down.  We recently switched servers, and since doing so, a lot of posts seem to have randomly disappeared.
I can't find anything in the logs to explain it... They seem to be completely random posts and topics by different people (including one of my posts).

Would this be just to do with the server change, or could something else be behind it?
Not sure if it's linked but I've also had somebody saying they can't get onto the forum at all and are receiving the following error message:

You do not have permission to access this document.


Web Server at hxxp:nfrs.org [nonactive]

She's since been able to get on, but can only read, not post.

I really have no idea what's going on and whether it's just a temporary glitch since moving servers...  Just wondered if anyone could shed any light on it!



Hi, Rackie and welcome to the madhouse!

The "Getting in but not being able to post" thing sounds like a permissions problem.

But, a server-switch can be a bit weird.

Have you tried this, first of all?


That'll check that all your paths and things are OK.

Once that's been done, we can explore things a bit further.

One good thing is that I just visited your site and had a quick random look-around. Everything went smoothly and quickly, too! :)


Do you have any odd entries in your .htaccess files?

Also, go to your admin section in your forum and try Forum Maintenance -> Routine -> Find and repair any errors. As the description says, it may find something. One time after I had some hiccups, this tool found 50 or so orphaned posts.


Have done the repair_settings, the only thing was there was no assigned value for Queryless URLs.

Have searched for any errors but couldn't find anything relevant there.

I don't think we've had any missing posts over the past few days though, so I'm attributing it to the server change, and I think it's calmed down now...


Phew! I'll mark this as "Solved", then.

If it starts happening, again, go ahead and reopen this, OK?