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Started by KaienSP, March 29, 2013, 12:16:10 PM

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Quoteremove the first one and trash the forum, so it's reasonably idiot-proof.

Given how often it has actually happened... it's not that idiot proof. And it's possible to screw up in other ways even if you don't delete it. All you need to do is create a situation where there is no post count group for a user to go into (e.g. only one group remaining, but its minimum post count is > 0 and at least one user has less posts than that)

* Arantor wonders if you know what happens in that situation... it ain't pretty.

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Don't see any way to do it.  No option for 'Required posts' in the '0' post group, so you can't change it, and you can't delete it, so there's always a '0' post group.

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Trust me, there isn't 'always'. I've investigated at least a dozen - and there's been probably 100 reports of it in the last couple of years that I'm aware of.


you would think that you can't do it... but I've seen people be incredibly inventive when it comes to finding was to screw things up...

The most common was to muck it up it is to try a direct database edit, when they see that the option isn't visible in the zero count group...

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