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Making the memberlist search go through a additional table in the db?

Started by Kiakimetsubasa, April 03, 2012, 06:12:41 AM

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I've added the subaccounts mod and I want users to be able to search for it in the memberlist.  I figure I'll just add a second loop in after a conditional "if not found in the user list, search the subaccount list".  I don't think this is skin support, since I'm modding it in myself, but I'm a little lost on where the memberlist search is coded. 

template_search() displays the page, in the theme file, but I don't see where it's going through the database and searching.  Is there something in the sources folder?


This looks to be a feature request for a mod. You best asking in the original mod support thread for the subaccounts mod as you'll get better support there and the author may be able to add this change in for you easy enough.


That will be declared in some file in sources as its an smf function and is almost used by all themes.


Tried "Sources/Subs-Memberlist.php"?

Most actual functions are placed in Subs-*.php files. The actions themselves are placed in just *.php files.

Source files do not generate any HTML (with some minor exceptions) -- Rather, they create a variable for templates to parse and display. This mainly is done in Subs-*.php files AFAIK.
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