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SMF admin panel backup is crap! Can we have a patch release to remove it please?

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Our poor users are thinking that they're safe, because, like the good admins that they are (Some, anyway), they've backed-up, not knowing that the SMF backup "feature" is a load of old pony.

This has caused serious problems, for some. Indeed, it's still doing so.

It's been reported and whinged about for bloody yonks, too.

I've mentioned it, in the wiki. But, of course, not everyone knows about that.

So, can we finally just dump it, please?

Patch both the v1.x and v2 branches?

Like... NOW? Or, even better, yesterday?

This has been a public service announcement from the Pissed-Off Party.

Edited to remove Freudian slip of the keyboard. :P

I agree, it costed me my forum once because I had no idea that admin panel backups didn't work. So, I'd say yes :)

青山 素子:
Taking backups is all well and good, but they should always be tested. It's the same thing with any kind of minimal-use item like carbon monoxide or smoke detectors - those should be checked once a year. At the least, important database backups should be checked on a similar schedule.

Sir Osis of Liver:


Yeah, but this is abysmal stuff.

If the devs are too hard-pressed, or don't give a ****** (No dig intended), is this something that could be made into a mod?

Although, if it was done as a mod, not everyone would even know of it's existence, I guess.



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