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Started by Branko., April 21, 2012, 08:37:44 AM

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Ovo je mod u razvoju autora Yoshi2889, napravljen sa ciljem da u potpunosti bude "mašina" za razvoj/pronalaženje grešaka za SMF.
Evo opisa (vjerujem da većini ne treba prevod  :) ) :

Current features:
- Allows you to have the number of error log entries in your menu bar
- Allows you to enable the "hidden" SMF debug mode with a switch
- Allows you to view your phpinfo() by accessing ?action=phpinfo when the option is enabled (you can create a button for it if you like)
- Checks the server load, and changes the News text into a warning if it's higher then specified
- Also able to cancel execution if server load is higher then specified
> Only works with hooks, doesn't use file edits for anything other then languages

When to use:
- You are testing a mod and want to keep an eye on the error log (that's what I use it for ;))
- You need a quick overview of the phpinfo()
- You need to have something keep an eye on the server load
- Or maybe even when you want to look at the resources SMF used

Admin > Configuration > Modification Settings > DevCenter

Napomena:Mod je u razvoju, preporučljivo SAMO za testne forume
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