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The only SMF version I found was for SMF 1.1b3, isn't it risky?

Started by bijan, August 30, 2005, 07:45:54 AM

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Hey guys, how're ya?

As I said I had SMF1.0.5 which is the latest stable version I believe and then when I wanted to get your bridge the only thing you offered (actually they're older versions but none for 1.1.5) was for SMF1.1b3, but what I could download from your Download section was 1.1b3p (which I don't know what the heck this P is standing for!), I was just wondering if it's safe to install a beta version, coz I wana install it for a community site and you know about the security issues and blah blah

thanks in advance for your time,


well, actually there is a version of the bridge too use with SMF 1.0.x.
bridge v3.19a stable is for use with SMF 1.0.x
bridge v3.19a for 1.1b3p (P is for Public, as in the public release of the beta 1.1b3)

and 1.1b3 is actually pretty stable anyway...

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