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Is it possible to duplicate forum heirarchy in Admin Panel

Started by rag_gupta, May 29, 2012, 10:45:21 AM

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I reached here after phpbb and mybb both which lack this functionality.

Can I duplicate a forum to a new one which also copies all of sub-forums or categories within it?

I've a forum coming up which will have something like:

School ->
Class - 1
Class - 2

Class - N

I've 100's of schools with similar structure but only their name will be different.

I want to create this hierarchy by copying structure from another existing category in one go.


It isn't possible to do it directly from the admin panel. As you can probably imagine this is not a common task that most forums require.

On top of that, doing hundreds is not recommended on any forum platform due to the performance problems it will create, and very likely will be hard to navigate, consequently it is often better to think of a different methodology for handling what you need to do.
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The only way I've ever done this is to build your forum which the structure you require and then clone the database. Once cloned you'll need to manually edit the key database fields so that it will work in other sites (i.e. mainly amending paths etc).


This isn't quite the same thing, this is talking about creating 100 boards or so that are basically clones of each other - not cloning entire forums.

I *have* done it before where I've written scripts to generate 600+ boards automatically but it usually works out badly.
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Yes I understand ideally it should be handled programmatically. But given cost and time I'd prefer using a ready-made forum right now.
If the idea is success I can invest in for custom script for it.

Actually in the longer run I could be adding 1000's of such schools.



There is no ready made facility in any of the forum systems to do what you're asking, and it would be a waste of time for any of them to do so.
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