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Useres Cannot Post topics. Integer expected. (id_msg) Function: Display.

Started by olivestab, June 24, 2012, 12:35:12 AM

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Hello, i recently installed some new updates! YAYY!
however, these updates where successful, and i want to get to the bottom of this.
I see the errors, I can locate the lines in the proper document,
but i don't know what will fix it, if its a change or of i should delete the line, so I'm posting here for help.

Useres cannot create a topic, they are represented with this msg:
Database Error
Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator.

However, the topic still updates despite the error, but you cant view the topic, when tried you see this msg:
Wrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected. (id_msg)

here are some critical error logs:

Dark Raiden   
    Today at 12:15:19 AM
Type of error: Critical,72.0.htmlWrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected. (id_msg)
Function: DisplayFile: /home3/masterol/public_html/testsite/Sources/Display.php
Line: 919

Dark Raiden   
    Today at 12:15:19 AM
Type of error: General,72.0.html2: max() [<a href='function.max'>function.max</a>]: Array must contain at least one elementFile: /home3/masterol/public_html/testsite/Sources/Display.php
Line: 905

    Today at 12:17:45 AM
Type of error: Database;start=0;board=16Database Error: Table 'masterol_MGSForum.smf_related_subjects' doesn't existFile: /home3/masterol/public_html/testsite/Sources/Subs-RelatedFulltext.php
Line: 110

here are some new mods i installed:
-Most Popular Topic Today
-Global Message Box By
-Multiple Stars
-Countdown BBCode
-Event Registration Mod for SMF2
-New Topic Button
-Ajax Profile Comments
-Related Topics

Im currently attempting to deactivate the related topics, because i saw it come up in a message.
I will report back if this was the problem.


I uninstalled Related topics,
but was unable to completely remove all of its code and files from sources because It came to a point where deleting one of the Related source files
(subs_related.php and subs_relatedfulltext.php) would break the site.
also, removing the code for related topics in admin.php breaks the admin panel, so i had to re-paste in order to have a working admin menu.

I have all other possible codes deleted and everything checks out with the site so far, the codes i mentioned above are still there and need to remain there if i want users to view the forum, however they still cannot post, and since i cannot completely move every related post code, i am unsure if related posts could be the problem.

I also tried using the method of packaging backups by restoring all the files back to when i started uploading everything last morning, but it broke the site beyond repair, and I had to completely restore the site, lucky i had a back up from only 2 hours prior to the problem, so there want much user posting data that was lost.

Packaging proved a fail, and i am unable to completely eradicate any related topic files.

At this point nobody on my forum can create new posts, i have been trying to fix this problem for 7hours now, and i keep hitting dead ends by breaking the site completely, or simply working really hard to restore it back to square one where the site can be viewable. 
I tried everything i have learned so far and I can't seem to fix this.

There was a spike in activity yesterday, I hit a small record of 30 users online at once.
unfortunately thats when the problem started, and i have deprived what could have been a small achievement. Instead of users actively posting, they where met with a maintenance wall, for a few hours, and even 401 errors when my site completely broke. I can't imagine what people must have been thinking. I manually updated my settings.php to *2 maintenance and submitted a message that was up around 4 hours.

I had no options but to restore, thankfully to a time that was before the broken site, but after the posting issue.

My users cannot post right now, i have a huge headache, and i literally cannot keep my eyes open, sadly i was not able to fix this asap,
so i would REALLY appreciate some help.


Have you tried the two most obvious things?

Admin>Forum Maintenance>Find and repair errors




Ive done the mysqul, ill try the forum repair thank you for this.


My goodness I guess its working now... IDK what happened, I'm not sure if it was fixed before, i just kept trying to access the same post that was having problems.
I ran the fix and they just disappeared but I'm able to post now...


ok.. Basically, I believe the related topics glitch the forum and caused a problem with posting.
To test the problem for myself, i attempted posting and received those messages.

Oddly, when submitting the topic, it would fail with an error, however, it would still post on the board.
When trying to view the (corrupted) topic, it would display the same error, and it was impossible to see, so i couldn't not delete it.

I accidentally posted two test topics and couldn't access them to delete them, afraid to post more i stopped testing posts and just did everything I could to fix the problem, and instead, refreshed the page until the post would work.

Apparently I may have fixed the issues without knowing, because it was impossible to view the corrupted topic.
This morning i came bad to check my topic here on support, and i went to repair errors.

When visiting my site, I saw new posts and topics, so apparently Something went right, but those corrupted posts still could not be seen.
They disappeared after the fix, and everything seems to be running smoothly now. 

Thanks for the help, i was very overwhelmed last night and it didn't occur to me to check that small repair errors button.


One thing to bear in mind, for the future, is the forum's cache, too.

Sometimes, simply emptying that can cure a few things, coz it can get corrupted, somehow.

Glad to hear you got everything sorted, though.

This interwebz stuff can get damned annoying and frustrating, at times... :(