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Obsifucated Code

Started by XHIBIT911, June 29, 2012, 04:21:54 PM

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I took a chance and went to your site. (I was a bit hesitant considering a few days ago  :D ) Nod32 gave no warnings and I was able to browse the site with no issues.  I input your url into several online site scanners first and it was found clean by them all.
You appear to be ok for now, but as I said earlier, I would be concerned about how it got there. If the hole isn't closed, it can happen again.


WHOOOO HOOO...I owe you a refreshingly cold alcoholic beverage of your choice !..You're the Maaaaayaaaaaaaaaaaann !

Also yes this weekend I plan to go thru all the files and look for any more anomolies and identify and correct as needed.
Thanks so much once again


Quite welcome. Best of luck with your forum.   :)
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