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New here...need help please...

Started by onewaymotorcycles, September 14, 2012, 03:00:03 PM

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I'm new here and a bit behind the times at this stuff so bare with me. I tried to change my theme on my forum and it didn't work. All it managed to do was change the look of the forum (to nothing good or nice) to the admin account. Any other member who logs in sees the normal default theme. When I log in I see words down the left side of the screen. No theme or anything, it just looks kinda like it's in an outline form. Can anyone help me?


Sounds like your paths have got screwed, mate.

Have a look in Admin>Themes>Themes settings and look at the paths, there.

If any are wrong, you can click on the theme's name and put the correct path in, manually.


You can also change them all at once from the same screen that K@ guided you to, just don't click on individual theme names instead scroll down until you see a "Reset Theme URLs and Directories" area.
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