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Making white area of forum transparent??

Started by punchy, September 14, 2012, 08:11:04 PM

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Hi all,

Just a quickie for those of you that might know

The white area from my forum is pretty large and i'm trying to get more of the background picture to show, So the question is In the CSS file how do i make it so the white area is slightly transparent??

Any ideas


Get and use firefoxes fire bug, it will tell you the div, the style, line # and css file name of the style. You're going to have going to have to change the font color I think.

It may be the main_content_section. On this site it's on index.css line 1358


The color of the font wouldn't really matter as much as the opacity. That's how to set the area translucent. Alternatively, you can set a PNG as the background image and make said PNG image have alpha transparency set.
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