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Simple Image Upload by Tectonny

Started by tectonny, December 21, 2011, 11:24:18 AM

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Link to Mod

This will add a Simple Tectonny Upload image to the Post Template

Author: tectonny (Brasil)
Type: New Enhancement
Available since: 2011-2015
Latest version: 3.0
Compatible with: SMF 1.1.21 / 2.0.10
On Modification's page.

Support & comments
If you have a problem with this mod, want to comment, or have any question, please post to the modification support topic.

Updates for new image server with more resources.

Version 2015 in CSS -
Version with CSS layout to look more beautiful.
This version also has the option to send via URL.
To use this version you must uninstall the version without CSS.
Criado no Brasil, site com multi idioma.
Idioma fácil de traduzir  editando /Themes/default/languages/Modifications_youlanguage.php  no seu SMF:
$txt['imgbr'] = 'Your browser does not support iframes.';
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Thanks for this mod

But its very slow with uploading.
are you trying the get a faster one?


Hello, I could not verify the reported slowness, instability may have been the server, try again.

How big is the file sent?


95 kb but its gives me now no page all the time so cant use this


Nice mod, I think.

How do I get it to display in English?
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My italian translation:

Traduzione ISO della mod
Traduzione di: etms51
Compatibilità: Versione 1.1.15, 1.1.16, 2.0.1, 2.0.2


Trova (alle fine del file):

Aggiungi sopra:

$txt['imgbr'] = 'Il tuo browser non supporta gli iframe.';


Trova (alle fine del file):

Aggiungi sopra:

$txt['imgbr'] = 'Il tuo browser non supporta gli iframe.';

You can see the my board where there is the my translation: [nonactive]

Jade Elizabeth

This is AWESOME to see!! :D

Does it upload to the forum or via an image uploading service? Would it be possible to use an external service like tinypic?
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