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Problem with .db (.db-journal?)

Started by KMAN543, April 07, 2013, 01:28:52 AM

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Hey, my forum was down for 5 days so I decided to check it via FTP. I saw that there's a clone of xyz.db as xyz.db-journal and two more files with .db-journal followed by a weird code.

I confirmed that the host was working properly by passing some tests. So it's the problem with .db I guess.

So I deleted the journal file and the other two files as well...
Forum was working till the login page. I tried to login but it said "Password security has recently been upgraded. Please enter your password again.". I refreshed the page, and again the forum went down.

In FTP, the journal file was created again...

Mozilla firefox says "The connection was reset" when I visit the forum.

I'd like to know how I can recover my forum. Thanks a lot in advance...



The journal file is kind of supposed to be there - lists it as the very first type of temporary file. You're not supposed to touch it.

I honestly have no idea what state your forum is now in.


I'd suggest contacting your host for help, as the presence of a temporary database file shouldn't cause the "connection reset" message. That error usually occurs if the connection is abruptly closed or dropped while the browser is in the middle of loading the page.
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