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'Announce topic' to work the same for admin and member groups from calendar

Started by OCJ, January 15, 2013, 01:22:06 AM

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It could be a bug as far as Im concerned but it is here as a preferred change for next SMF.
All my member groups have permission to use 'Announce Topic' but it works differently for Admin and member groups when an event is made through the calendar.

When Admin posts and event through the calendar announce topic checkbox is visible the first time and on modify later.

When a member posts an event through the calendar there is no announce topic checkbox on first posting. They have to save it and then reopen it/modify post before the announce topic checkbox becomes visible.

It only works the same for all groups if posted as a topic in a board.


Announce (like attachments) is a board-level permission.
When you post a calendar event you can select the board you want to post it in, but SMF doesn't know if you have permission to announce topics (or attach files) in the board you selected until you post the topic (unless you are an admin).
Yes, the alternatives (and I remember I discussed it about attachments) I can think of are:
1) show all the board-specific options at any time, but process while posting them only if the user is allowed,
2) try to play hide-and-seek using javascript (even though that would require an ajax call every time the board is changed or (easier) output somewhere all the relevant permissions with the boards names) and then do 1 too.

Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

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Uhm, several mods seem to work this way also - only when posts are made directly in a board.

I could retrain people to post a topic and link it to the calendar but a lot of effort went into getting them to do it through the menu item for the calendar or the calendar dates. Its amazing how difficult it is guiding people to do things a certain way. At the moment they are not modifying and announcing so people are unaware of new events.
If I do it the other way, no doubt they will forget to link it to the calendar :P

I see the reasoning in the way the post is made and permissions. Thanks for the info.


As several other mods don't work on topics when posted through the calendar first, I suggest SMF keep a uniform action  - a standard way that works -  just post as topic and link to calendar.