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Banned Members Gaining Access

Started by kyn, February 24, 2013, 11:08:16 AM

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As expected all forums end up banning members for one reason or another.  Apparently one of my banned members has found a loophole though.  He has written on another form that "Using Google Chrome and the incognito window it is possible to access Kent History Forum, for all you naughty people that have been banned."

Is this possible?  And is there a way I can block his access permanently?

He was baneed in July last year, found a way back on in August and although he tries almost daily he has got back on again. I really need to find a way to stop him getting on at all, he is disrupting the community :(


Quote from: kyn on February 24, 2013, 11:08:16 AM
Is this possible?  And is there a way I can block his access permanently?

I don't know specifically about that method but yes, a person can always register using an anonymous proxy. I've had the same problems. A person bound and determined to get back on will be able to do it. Hopefully they will get bored of it sooner or later. Until then you'll have to keep banning the accounts as they pop up.


Because of proxies and the like, a total ban is extremely difficult to implement, unfortunately.

Have you considered restricting new members to a certain board, until they've proven themselves?

That way, if this moron returns, he won't have such easy access.


I am reluctant to restrict people due to the change in atmosphere on the forum when things are modified.  I considered having all posts from newbies checked before becoming public but don't like the thought of restricting new members who have not done anything wrong.

This is so frustrating, I can't restrict him without interferring with others.  Although I could set up a seperate group for his account and restrict him that way?  Although then he would be able to sign up again with a new account when he realised his posts were not becoming public.

Suggestions are welcome!


If you let new members know about the restrictions, in advance, and explain WHY those restrictions are in place, people tend to be quite forgiving. :)

Trolls are a major pain in the arse, usually because they're incredibly not well-hung. ;)

Thing is, this doofus could try registering under a different name, too... Just to try and prove how clever he thinks he is.


what is the ban trigger?
hostname? email address? username? ip address?

there are ways around each of those, of course... but banning the username means that he can not come back using that specific account - he would have to re-register

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All those listed are banned, and yes he signs up under another name.  This time I caught him as it was abusive and not something I would let through anyway.

It seems he is breaking the laws of the country he is living in, so although my local police couldn't help I may be able to recruit the help of his local police.  Fingers crossed :)

Thanks for the comments guys :)


Good luck, with that.

We got rid of ours by ensuring that absolutely everyone ignored every post she made.

I wonder if you could set up some bogus boards, or something? Is he registers, again, put him in a bogus membergroup that lets him only see those boards and those boards only contain posts about him being a troll...

Maybe, using this?