2.0 RC3 The subject of topic ###### is currently not stored in the subject cache

Started by MegaByte, March 22, 2010, 01:07:11 AM

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When trying to run a Repair Boards, I get a long string of errors all saying: The subject of topic #(number) is currently not stored in the subject cache.

If I choose to Repair the errors, it tells me that it has done so, but running Repair Boards gives me the same list of errors.


Does this generate any results?

SELECT id_topic FROM smf_topics
WHERE id_topic NOT IN (SELECT id_topic FROM smf_log_search_subjects)

That error means SMF doesn't have words from the subjects of the selected topics stored in the smf_log_search_subjects table, but it should at least try to insert them or give you an error if it doesn't work.
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Yeah, there are 97 matches.  FWIW, I believe I was getting this error prior to converting to PostgreSQL as well.


Thanks for the help. That indicates there may be a problem with the code that's supposed to fix this problem. I'll look at this more when I get home from work tonight and see what I can do to fix it.
Michael Eshom
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I am also getting this error with tens of thousands in the list since my forum is big. Could it have resulted after I created custom index and I removed fulltext index?

I am using version 1.1.11. I landed on this thread after searching in Google.


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The code in repairboards is still the same, so I assume the bug is still there, but I can't verify.

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