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Started by Rudolf, January 31, 2007, 10:45:10 AM

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Bob La Londe

Is there a variant, version, or alternative that works with 2.0.8? 

Hj Ahmad Rasyid Hj Ismail

Quote from: br360 on August 18, 2014, 05:07:47 PM
The view_only_boards_1.2c.zip version of the mod works fine on 2.0.8. Download that one.
I was also helping with this mod last time. But with no authorisation, this mod cannot be upgraded. Ask if you are not sure how to install it properly. Others will definitely help.


This is a nice mod and works on 2.0.11.
However when guest is refused, they are presented with a 403 notice.
Is there a way to have them directed to must login screen?


Exploring this mod a little further....

It was originally written for SMF 1.x.x and did everything it was supposed to do as alluded by earlier comments in this subject "View Only Boards". When a guest would try to enter a blocked area they would be redirected to a login register page.

For SMF 2.0.11 it does work as intended. The settings all are functional. The only difference is that the guest gets redirected to a 403 "Sorry, but you have no access to this page." Search engines pick this up, but it would be better if the guest was redirected to the original intent, that is to a login register page.

In the Configuration - General  One may block Guest from complete forum with the resultant effect they are redirected to login register page.

In the change to SMF 2.x.x it appears everything works as intended Except the hook to go to the login register page has changed to a 403 Error page. :(

Anyone Any ideas how to correct this?


In the hope someone knows the answer here goes:
For a few months now Google and Bing Bots have been producing errors from line 832 of load.php
elseif (count(array_intersect($user_info['groups'], $board_info['groups_view'])) == 0 || empty($modSettings['vob_allowMessageIndexView']))

Usually between 40 and 60 errors per day, any help to prevent this will be greatly appreciated.


Installed this Mod ages ago, but then upgrade continuously until 2.0.15 and it mainly still works.
The only error is that it doesnt show the 'new  posts' on the 'latest posts' to guests - or did i accidentally change some acces-flags ?


June 04, 2018, 04:53:19 AM #646 Last Edit: June 04, 2018, 05:25:38 AM by rubbishnor
please help me

smf version 2.0.15

I can not this code 

foreach ($context['latest_posts'] as $post)
echo '

i find this code

foreach ($context['latest_posts'] as $post)
          echo '

then can not replace with this

foreach ($context['latest_posts'] as $post)
echo '
<dt ' , ($post['board']['protected'] ? 'class="vob_protected"' : '') , '>


January 23, 2020, 08:18:09 AM #647 Last Edit: January 23, 2020, 08:29:21 AM by steiger
I just found this mod which should do exactly what my forum needs.
Trying to install in 2.0.15 I receive a lot of test errors.

Before digging deeper into the code it would be interesting to know if anyone has installed this mod in 2.0.9 or higher (as 2.0.8 seems to be OK)?

Edit: I have now looked at the errors anyway and found that at least some of them are because of changes between
which was moved to

Will post updates if my changes are successful


Partly my fault
Installation under 2.0.15 worked except modifying the core theme.
The installation modified Theme/default correctly but had many errors for Theme/core.

Which is no problem for me because we use a custom theme anyway.


Could that be adapted to 2.1?


It needs a complete rewrite ideally for 2.1 since board access is done internally a little bit differently, especially to prevent data leakage by way of alerts and notifications.
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Thank you very much for the answer, so that will probably not be implemented, I assume?


Well, the original author hasn't been around for a few years, so you're basically hoping someone will make a new one from scratch :(
No good deed goes unpunished
All helpful urges should be circumvented


Thank you again :)
I made a request there.