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Started by Chen Zhen, July 13, 2009, 08:44:54 AM

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Quote from: Diego Andrés on March 03, 2023, 05:40:33 PMI'd just overflow it inside a container and call it a day

TY, not sure how to do that... But guessing from the responses here on the question, looks like no-one came up with a way to display on a cell phone responsive view...

All good, just didn't want to be the one with out it...

Thank you all...



In your screenshot, each of the tile images is 72x70 pixels - that means on a typical phone, you can expect to get between 4 and 6 wide based on the typical sizes of phones.

So responsive by definition means one of two things: you make the tiles tiny or you make it so you have to scroll around (as Diego suggested), but on a 15-wide layout as per your screenshot, that's probably going to suck to actually use. Even if you turn the phone landscape it's still going to suck because you're only going to get that same 4-6 high rather than wide.

That's the point of asking my question: if you were talking about this working on a phone how do you imagine it could work where you could actually play it and it be good? What would make sense for you?