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Suggestion in relations to registry of users

Started by jsx, June 15, 2013, 10:10:22 AM

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Hi, I have a suggestion in relation to next version of SMF. It would be good if in administrator panel in users tab will be a option/tab with users who accepted registry by the activation link on e-mail, but never was logged on forum. Without this option I need to review list of user manually and search a users who never logged on forum to just remove them from forum, through that I cut down a database. On forum registry such a users who don't want to accepted a registry by the activation link, or they forget about founded a account on forum. Whether there is a real chance to enter such facilities for the administrator?


you can already get this information in the admin-userlist.

users who have not activated are listed separately.
Users who activated, but never logged in can be listed by sorting by last login date

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Please, write me exactly where I can check this in administrator panel.


If you select the members section of the admin panel, you can see a list of all forum members, and you can see whether they have logged into their accounts by checking the last online column.  You can also search for members, and select whether to search for activated, or not activated accounts by checking the appropriate boxes.
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Quoteyou can see a list of all forum members, and you can see whether they have logged into their accounts by checking the last online column

It is quite difficult, when are 4 thousand users in the base, so checking every column whether somebody are online is tiring.

Indeed there is such option, I overlooked it, thanks for information.


You can also click on the header of the column to change the sort order and list all the users that never logged first (or last).
And there is also the search function (in the very same page, there is the button "search for members") where you can perform many different kind of searches and find exactly what you want. ;)

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