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Started by Ricky., May 20, 2013, 04:22:31 AM

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Link to the theme


By : Ricky. | Theme Support  | My More Themes

A unique theme with neutral colors but useful features. However, this theme also have a unique LAMP feature , your users can literally turn ON/OFF lamps seen in upper section of site, its fun turning them ON / OFF. And just in case those who do not want this fun side of theme, they can disable it completely from Admin Menu, it will disable its ON/OFF switch as well as all lamps.

Apart of above fun side, it has some unique layout and usual standard feature which may see in my almost all themes including "Custom Copyright Link, Privacy Policy, Terms , Contact us links in footer etc.", not to forget, all these extra features can be customized through Admin panel.

Last but not least, its a fluid width theme, it means you can adjust its size as per your need. 


  • A fluid width theme, change width as per your need.
  • Unique Lamps.. try them yourself
  • Neutral colors, break away from those usual modern designs..
  • Utilizing CSS3 supported by all modern browser
  • Allows you to add custom copyright in footer
  • Allows you add custom Privacy, Terms and Contact us link

Admin Panel Features

Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme

Some Screenshots

Coming SOON ...


Please see included license.txt for more information. However, in short , you are free to use and modify theme unless you follow terms mentioned in license.txt included in theme package.


26/05/2013 :  Fixed some minor issue and some UI improvement

In the Last

If you use my theme and liked it then kindly give your comment or atleast saying thanks can be really helpful and encouraging.


Looks nice Ricky.  ;)
No, I will not offer free downloads to Premium DzinerStuido themes. Please stop asking.


Thank you ARG, made it long time back, added fun element recently and now sharing with community.

PS: Updated theme with some minor fixes and improvements.


the lamp is just funny

love it though ;)


That is why its Lampshade :)

Remember, one can remove lampshades completely and use it as normal theme.


thanks ricky for the nice theme
i have a question
using infolinks ads on my site but by default intag ads appear at bottom, i like to use on top below shoutbox see the example

infolinks support suggest place that tag manually anywhere u want to appear intag ads

<input type="hidden" name="IL_IN_TAG" value="1"/>

where to put this code  :)

ver of smf 2.0.4
Theme Lampshade


I think info links have have settings in their admin panel to render ads at custom location. First disable auto ads and then get their code and place it at desired location.

I have no idea where you have placed shoutbox but I think you can place code above or below :
// Show the navigation tree.