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Installing Mods Trough FTP?

Started by Famouz, August 28, 2013, 05:58:23 PM

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Hello community.

Is there a possability to install modifications trough the FTP? Like in a manual way,because if i install them trough Package Manager><Download Packages>and choose to upload a mod,after doing that,always appears that annoying white screen.. I'm kinda new to FTP and stuff and maybe you can give me an example or little help step by step what i need to do. It would be really
appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Well, there sort of is, i.e. you go through and make all the changes the mod was going to make - Manual Installation of Mods

Mind you if you're seeing that white screen, you should read Do you get the &quot;white screen of death&quot; when accessing Admin or Package Installs?