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Neat script

Started by NIAB, July 22, 2013, 12:01:08 AM

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Hey guys,

I wanted it so my topTopics box on my front page (index) could show it by Views or by Replies, so I googled around and found this handy peice of code

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The way I have used it is so when you click a link (which in this case I have both Views and Replies) It reloads a specified file within a set div id.

Here's how I have used it
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<script src="">
    $("#topTopic").load('Page Containing Views Stuff.php');;
    $("#topTopic").load('Page Containing Replies Stuff.php');
<a id="Views">Views</a>
<a id="Replies"">Replies</a>';
echo'<div id="WhatsHot">';
ssi_topTopics('replies', '8', 'array');

All it does is make it so when you click either "Views" or "Replies", it loads in the requested file. Of course if you just want to change a small line of text, or html. you can simply use .text or .html rather than .load.

Make sure you have the <?php ?> tags included in the loaded file, or it just loads the text from it. As well as including your SSI file :)

I'm sure most of you have found other methods of doing this, I just thought it was great and wanted to share.


What mine looks like.


NIAB would you like this to be moved to the Tips and Tricks board?

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Might also suggest a title that more accurately depicts the content of the post. "neat script" made me think it was a support question.

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Is this essentially AJAX-based?


It's completely AJAX based. The use of .load() shows that.


The elegance of jQuery :)
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Quote from: Grumpy Old Sod on July 23, 2013, 07:15:20 PM
NIAB would you like this to be moved to the Tips and Tricks board?

Duly moved.

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I'm trying this myself, but I can't seem to get it to work. Could you provide the whole code?