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Started by Arantor, December 19, 2013, 08:28:30 PM

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So it's the festive season again, and I know that everyone is kind of busy with whatever celebrations they've got going on. It's a busy time for everyone, really, regardless of anything.

I just wanted to swing by and say that we're cracking on with things - this will probably be the last blog post from me for 2013, as we move forwards to doing more awesomeness. (Not that there's much of 2013 left, of course :P)

So, here's the usual update of what has been happening with us - especially on this last push towards the beta phase. We won't get there before the end of December; we're human, we have things like families and friends to spend time with (yes, even me, I do actually have some friends :P), and that is going to cut into the free time we can spend here making SMF. Anyway, here goes:

* Lots of bug fixes, down to tweaks of sentences, display glitches and the like.

* The long-despised "FileZilla issue" has been dealt with once and for all - as of 2.1, all attachment files now have a generic extension that FileZilla won't consider as text, and that means it won't screw up your attachments any more. The upgrader handles all the upgrading and renaming for you.

* The theme page is slightly smarter too - it now won't let you install a 2.0 or 1.1 theme directly into 2.1 because they won't work properly even if you did manage it, as well as being a little overhauled in other ways.

* The rewrite of the notifications system as I talked about last time is coming along; about half the types of alerts that SMF can issue are implemented and working. Still plenty to do, and there's some other changes to come too.

* The mail queue is now always enabled.

* Lots of images dropped, fused into fewer images - saves bandwidth, saves requests. and plays nicer with theme variants. Quite literally dozens of images removed from the package, including a good number that weren't even being used any more.

* Mass move of topics has a few more options now to go with the maintenance > mass remove options.

There's a bunch of other goodies added too, but mostly minor stuff - the big push of late has been dealing with many icons becoming sprites and the notifications/alerts overhaul. But we're getting there. :)

As ever, it's all on Github - https://github.com/SimpleMachines/SMF2.1 - if you want to try it out but support will be limited for this pre-alpha software, any issues you have, please do file them on Github. Features are likely not to be added at this stage unless they're hugely important, or exceedingly minor, though.

In the meantime, have a very festive season, celebrate however you celebrate, and don't forget to spend quality time with your friends and family and think nice thoughts about people :)


Nice. I have a test copy installed and I like what I am seeing so far.  Thanks for all the hard work. 


My thanks to all the Developers on the continued excellent work.  Everything is moving forward at a very good rate, and so many things are being fixed.  Great work all of you.
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Nice one indeed.  It's actually exciting!  Thank you developers  :D


Thanks for all the hard work so far.  Going to have a play ASAP.  8)


Thank you for the update and all the work put into 2.1.
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I'm very impressed at what 2.1 is becoming, thanks devs. :)
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These changes sound amazing, thank you :)
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Reported a css bug on Git. ;)


And already closed it on Github as a duplicate of an already reported bug ;)


Quote from: Arantor Beeblebrox the First on December 20, 2013, 04:36:53 PM
And already closed it on Github as a duplicate of an already reported bug ;)

doh, sorry.

Is this one on there?  I get this error when removing a theme. "Database error, given array of string values is empty. (query_where)"  I disabled it, then clicked the remove button.

Made copy of default theme, disabled it, then removed it resulted in the above error. It did remove the theme from the server which is good, but I think it's messed the database up, as the error are on various pages such as, Manage and Install - Theme Settings - Modify Themes.

Type of error: Critical
Database error, given array of string values is empty. (query_where)
Function: get_all_themes
File: htdocs/smf2.16/Sources/Subs-Themes.php
Line: 140


Well, you can always search the list of open issues ;) But no, I don't think that one is in there already.


Thank you for the update Arantor! and for all the hard and time consuming work... I'll be continuing on the theme testing very soon again, starting to get the hang of the Alpha and in many ways I find it very interesting.
I know it can be trying, All the things everyone wants and what really needs to be done to keep it going and going securely and bug free. But looking at it objectively and yet no involved, I can say to those that are involve, all the best and that you for what you are doing and have done, to keep things going>!



Super job! Thanks to all!
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I've been playing with it for awhile and it just keeps gettin better. :)


I've been monitoring progress on 2.1 daily, and the amount of contributions made in the past 2 months have been INSANE. I know Arantor has been contributing daily with massive amount tweaks, bug fixes, and improvements.

Kudos to everyone who has been contributing and helping make SMF the best again.


Thanks Xarcell :)

Anyone who's curious and wants to see the progress on a sort of daily basis/timeline thing... https://github.com/SimpleMachines/SMF2.1/commits/release-2.1 shows it all. It's been crazy. 2014 is going to be an interesting year for SMF.


Quote from: Arantor Beeblebrox the First link=topic=515977.msg3652216#msg3652216It's been crazy. 2014 is going to be an interesting year for SMF.

Thanks Arantor - you Powerslave.  ;)


It's so exciting to really see how SMF is changing and improving as of late. To be honest, it wasn't long ago that I had thought SMF had reached the peak of its greatness, and decided to move on to other software. These developments have renewed my hope in SMF once again competing with the top forum software like it used to.

Good job, folks. Keep it up!
Jason Clemons
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In honour of the new year I even changed my avatar, how cool is that? ;D

@JBlaze Oh yes, that's certainly the feeling here too. But remember it's always darkest before the dawn.