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SMF 2.0.7 Released

Started by Oldiesmann, January 20, 2014, 09:47:39 PM

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Sooo many installation errors... and they all need some thinking to fix.... :(
Frozen frogs are back :(


Se forem conduzir, não bebam. Se forem beber... CHAMEM-ME!!!! :D

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OK, i have started i topic in the support forum.
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Simple Portal 2.3.7
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If I am running with simple portal and other plugins, is it worth downloading just yet? I dont want my mods to be incompatible.


They are incompatible... at least from my preliminary analysis simpleportal is.
Frozen frogs are back :(


Alright thanks. I see I have to wait then :(


2.0.7 contains an error in QueryString.php on line 476:
         $buffer = preg_replace_callback('~"' . preg_quote($scripturl, '/') . '\?((?:board|topic)=[^#"]+?)(#[^"]*?)?"~', create_function('global $scripturl; return \'"\' . $scripturl . \'/\' . strtr("$m[1]" . \'&;=\', \'//,\') . \'.html\' . (isset($m[2]) ? "$m[2]" : "");'), $buffer);

create_function takes 2 params, not one.

Do you guys has unit tests/functional tests to catch errors like this?



Quote from: Oldiesmann on January 21, 2014, 01:57:32 AM
No, it should be 2.0.7. Thanks for pointing that out!

Missing 2014 year update too.

Thanks for this release.
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All fixes appreciated, thank you.



I'm unable to download that patch file. The auto update at the package manager and the link on the page don't work here. Something wrong with the patch?


Dear users,

There *may* be two, separate, problems in the 2.0.7 update.
We're not sure yet, but as we wish to guarantee there will be absolutely no problems with your SMF installation, the roll-out of SMF 2.0.7 has temporarily been suspended.
We're, after all, better safe than sorry!

Please be advised that attempting to download any of the 2.0.7 packages, including the patch from the site, will temporarily result in either a empty download or a access denied error while we investigate.

Have you already upgraded your forum?
Do not worry. The potential problems are actually not of any damage to your forum, but merely result in a few errors potentially being generated.
You will *not* encounter any blocking bugs or have any security issues at all, just errors being generated. It is annoying, rather than actually dangerous. :)
However, if you want to because you do feel worried: You can, with one simple click, undo the SMF 2.0.7 patch by clicking the "Uninstall" button in the Package Manager next to the SMF 2.0.7 patch, that will revert your forum back to SMF 2.0.6.

Thank you.
We will have it back up later today.
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Hello everyone,

The update is available again now! :)
Sorry for the annoying delay! :(

You can upgrade as per the instructions in the first post.
Did you upgrade before we released the fixed version of 2.0.7? You can uninstall the patch through the Packagemanager, delete it and then download & install it again. :)

Thank you for your patience and we do apologize for the minor problem!
I would like to thank the users reporting a (potential) problem and of course thank the devs for their awesome work of fixing it! :)

Thanks and enjoy!
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Please do not PM for support - anything else is usually OK.


And I'd like to thank everyone who did have patience, and a big shoutout to [SiNaN] who helped us with making it work better with SimplePortal.


Actually it's me who should be thanking Arantor. He saved me from the hassle of dealing with all those support requests that were to come. Thank you and keep up the good work!
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Thanks for update and fixed update :D


Thanks to everyone that was involved in solving the issues.   :)


Thanks for the updated update!
Worked flawlessly on my SP installation.

Great job!


Thanks to the team for getting this out quickly.
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