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Bugs after installation SMF 2.1 administrator account wasn't formed

Started by jsx, April 08, 2014, 01:52:31 AM

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Hi, I wanted install SMF 2.1 but after the installation appears such a bugs:

Forum was installed but a administrator account wasn't formed.


When will be possible SMF 2.1 installing without any bug? Why you to make available a files with bug, which make that can't create a administrator account.


We don't yet support 2.1 because it is still in alpha state, under heavy development and sometimes bad things happen :P

Please use Github issues for discussion about 2.1
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Allright, which means that at the moment the panel of the administrator is unavailable, I understand, I don't know how to move through Github so I wrote this here. Generally discussion on the development SMF 2.1 is where?