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Member Options Database Error

Started by w5hro, March 25, 2014, 01:05:25 PM

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I'm using version 2.0.7 and an SQLite database install and I need to be able to set some member options via the Administration Center » Themes and Layout » Member Options location and I've been getting the error below. Is this because I have an SQLite database? I need this to work with it. I've had this error ever since I first installed SMF.

SQL logic error or missing database
near "GROUP": syntax error
File: /home/mylocation/public_html/Sources/Themes.php
Line: 433

Also attached below is a screenshot



Which version of SQL-Lite are you using?

The minimum recommended is v2.8.


Quote from: K@ on March 26, 2014, 04:13:00 PM
Which version of SQL-Lite are you using?

The minimum recommended is v2.8.

I'm a little confused :o I installed the latest 2.0.7 SMF package and selected the SQLite install and it automatically generated the .db file which simply simulates a My SQL database. Wouldn't the version that was installed have been determined and contained within the SMF package itself?


Ok, I had assumed the version was being determined by the SMF installation package. The server also has selectable My SQL versions you can chose from when installing packages.

I asked the hosting company and they said the only version available on the server is SQLite 3.3.6

So, its version 3.3.6 and that's what the rest of the world is now using. I just tried to open the database file with SQLite Database Browser and if gave me the error message saying it's not an SQLite 3 database. So I'm assuming SMF is setting it up for an old 2.X version or something?


Seems rather similar to the other topic... :P

If you can use MySQL, I'd suggest you to use MySQL and not SQLite.
SMF "works" with SQLite, but honestly is not that wonderful: I've seen several SQLite forums that once at about 10k posts had to migrate to MySQL because the forum was so slow that was almost impossible to use it, and also some mods specifically require MySQL (or do not explicitly require, but do no work with anything else).

Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

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