Search fails to find keyword in unless " Search in topic subjects only" checked

Started by draconins, March 05, 2014, 07:05:00 PM

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Hi All,

I got an issue for search, which is for some reason it can not find a word which only appears in the subject of the post.
If I enable " Search in topic subjects only", the post can be found, but not when the " Search in topic subjects only" unchecked.

I suspect it is a search database part and I have manually patched into DbPackages-PostgreSQL and enable large index database as I got case insensitive search problem.

This is for PostGres 9.2 + SMF 2.0.7


Patching here and there , mainly [nonactive] improves the situation.
But still comes to error

2: preg_replace(): No ending delimiter '~' found
Apply Filter: Only show the errors from this file
File: C:/PHPWeb/Root/forum/Sources/DbSearch-postgresql.php

Any idea where it comes from? I have checked old post at
but from what i can see, this is fixed already in 2.0.7


What line is that error being generated on, and what code is on that line? Without that info it's tough to figure out what's going on.
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Line 93

It is when    

if (isset($replacements[$identifier]))
==>93:    $db_string = preg_replace(array_keys($replacements[$identifier]), array_values($replacements[$identifier]), $db_string);
94:    elseif (preg_match('~^\s*INSERT\sIGNORE~i', $db_string) != 0)
95:    {
96:    $db_string = preg_replace('~^\s*INSERT\sIGNORE~i', 'INSERT', $db_string);
97:    // Don't error on multi-insert.
98:    $db_values['db_error_skip'] = true;
99:    }
101:    $return = $smcFunc['db_query']('', $db_string,
102:    $db_values, $connection
103:    );
105:    return $return;
106:    }


looking on variable replacement

It seems on the following part:
'create_tmp_log_search_messages' => array(
         '~mediumint\(\d\)' => 'int',
         '~unsigned~i' => '',
         '~ENGINE=MEMORY~i' => '',

It is missing "~i" on the trailing


Seems fixing the above part solves the problem. The location is on line 68 on same file.


Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

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