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Yet another monthly summary

Started by live627, July 01, 2014, 05:32:18 PM

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Quote from: Illori on July 06, 2014, 12:43:27 PM
Quote from: mcblaber on July 06, 2014, 12:29:19 PM
Pretty sure every mod will need to be reworked to properly install and function on SMF2.1. It's no surprise you're running into issues with that. :)

depending on the mod and its coding they may work without issue on 2.1.
Internally they may still work, but the front end will need rewriting to take the new theme into effect.

Nice job, devs.
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Ha. Half the mods available always need front end rewriting anyway. Always have. Modders tend to focus on functionality, and to not be so good at presentation, even with the default theme. Once you bring custom themes into the equation it gets even messier. I tend to regard front end rewrites of mods as par for the course.

Matthew K.

Okay, that all sounds great to me except for one thing. Changing "register" to "sign  up". I'm really curious to see the discussion on that, or hear a brief summary of why in the world that change would be a good one...


Aside from the fact it makes it friendlier to less technical types, there are... other benefits I'd prefer not to talk about in a public setting but let's just say there's a large number of things pre-programmed to think a certain way and while it won't fix anything, every little helps.

Matthew K.

I honestly think it makes things way more complicated. Leaving other software and websites out of it, SMF has always had "register", so first of all you aren't making it "friendlier" for SMFers. Can you see the support questions rolling in. How do I register? Where did register go? Then, adding in other software and websites, where recently on big sites have you seen "Sign up"? Which isn't necessarily a reason NOT to do it? To be like other people? *HOWEVER*, the argument is, that's what people are used to seeing. They understand the terminology, and what applies, etc.

I think that changing the linguistics on something so basic and elementary is not smart. But good luck...


You mean totally unknown websites like say twitter, facebook or pinterest?

It's "sign up" in a lot of places.
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Honestly the whole 'because we've always done it this way' is one of the worst justifications for anything, because it presumes that your current way of doing things is ideal and that any change is automatically for the worse.

I think changing the linguistics for something so basic from a semi-formal to a slightly more approachable form is smart personally.


Wow, such debate over synonyms! :)
Justyne's list is good too. I don't think Support will be flooded at all over an issue like this. :)
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if people have an issue with it, a mod could be created or just edit the language strings, it is not that hard to change back.

Matthew K.

Quote from: mashby on July 25, 2014, 12:54:47 PM
Wow, such debate over synonyms! :)
Justyne's list is good too. I don't think Support will be flooded at all over an issue like this. :)
Sign up feels more for a service...


And 'register' doesn't?

Also, the team didn't believe me when I told them that arguments got started over the tiniest of details for, frankly, no good reason. Apparently that was all in the past.

Are you listening, Kindred, CoreISP? THIS ISN'T JUST THE PAST ANY MORE.


The only good reason that I can see, for keeping it as-is, is that we have things like, for example, "Registration agreement" and the like. "Sign-up agreement" just looks... odd.

Not that that's a particularity good argument for sticking with it, I guess. But...


the wording registration agreement has not changed.... nor has the text registration form


Hardly matters what it's called, then, really, ay? :)

Matthew K.

Except now it becomes inconsistent.


There is that, I guess.

It's all just a question of semantics, though, really.

I don't think, myself, that it matters, much, either way. :)


Quote from: Labradoodle-360 on July 25, 2014, 02:27:01 PM
Except now it becomes inconsistent.

If you're really going to pull that argument, there are many more important - and much more blatant - inconsistencies throughout SMF than that one.


[devil's advocate]

If such inconsistencies exist, maybe they shouldn't and we ought not instigate yet more.

[/devil's advocate]

Really, this kinda thing doesn't bother me, at all. I can see both sides of this coin, too, which is a bloody nuisance. ;)


Or maybe we could fix the inconsistencies instead.


That was kinda what I was hinting at, with "maybe they shouldn't". :)

Doing that might cause phun, in upgrades, though, I guess?