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The Tips and Tricks board

Started by dtm.exe, October 10, 2005, 10:15:47 AM

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What is the Tips and Tricks board?
This board contains a collection of manual SMF modifications.  For a complete listing of tips and tricks, see the Tips and Tricks index.

Why are some tips and tricks not working?
All tips and tricks in this board have been tested and should be fully functional.  If the trick is not working after adding it, this could be because your version of SMF may differ from the that of the tip or trick.  All feedback, issues, and questions should be posted in the tip or trick's topic.

How do I submit a tip or trick?
To submit a tip or trick, simply post a new topic in this board.  New topics in the Tips and Tricks board will first need to be reviewed and approved so that it can be seen by other users.

Joshua Dickerson

Guidelines for submitting a tip/trick:

The body should be clearly laid out. The question being asked or the problem to be solved should be on the first line in bold. If a tip/trick was developed as a question that was answered in a topic, on the second line, add "More information can be found in: " then put a link to the topic. On the fourth line it should say "Tip/Trick:" in bold. Then, on the fifth line, you can start with the info.

You should also add the version number in the title. If it works in more than one version, you can add both.


QuoteRename index.php [2.0]

QuoteQuestion: How do I rename index.php?
Original Topic:

Open Sources/QueryString.php
$scripturl = $boardurl . '/index.php';
Replace (where % is what you want to replace it with):
$scripturl = $boardurl . '/%.php';
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