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I installed 2.1 as a new install and I've got a couple of questions regarding some of the new stuff.
The mention system. How does this work?
I don't see a mention icon when posting a reply or new topic. I may be blind though.

Do you plan to release an updated Core theme, or will it just be Curve from now on?
I've been searching around, but haven't found a definite answer, so I'm just going to ask; will there be a tag to embed video (youtube/vimeo)?

You just type @name in the post.

Core was designed in 2005/6, it was being phased out even by 2009 with the first Curve theme. Rewriting Core for Curve 2 as a base would require a complete rebuild from scratch and no-one is interested enough to do it.

And no, there will not be a YouTube embed code in the core product.

Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated :)

By the way if i may ask about mentions system...what name is used to mention someone? Display name or username?


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