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Turn of the title.

Started by BB13, December 30, 2014, 04:56:55 PM

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How do one turn of the title in every post after the first post. I am talking smf 2.0.9.



I think he means the reply titles eg "Re: Turn of the title."

Burke ♞ Knight

Do you mean you want to have it not start the reply titles with the Re: ?


I think he wants to get rid of the entire title, along with the "Re".

That might not be a good idea, though, as you can see from the title of this post.

It can be done, for sure. But, is it as good an idea as first thought...?


no... we've discussed this a number of times -- and it can actually break things to do that
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I think he is talking about changing every title of the reply posts into a new title. Like when you change the title of the first post, all the other titles (reply posts) do not change, so the OP is wondering how to change all of em at once. :p


well its all speculation until he updates us :P


That's pure speculation, too! :P

Bruce the Shark

His title is very vague? Its no very clear in his description of what he means.


BB13 as you have not responded in 2 weeks I have marked this as solved if this is wrong please can you tell us what you mean with your OP :D